Have you considered that you might become a grandparent before you’re old enough to feel like one?

Do you want a closer bond with your daughter, especially during her teenage years?


Your daughter needs to know about birth control and how to avoid STDs long BEFORE she starts to have sex.


I just want you to know that you don’t have to go this alone. Most moms feel inadequate and unprepared to teach their girls about a topic that, well, frankly, scares them to bits.

Many of us weren’t given a good sex education ourselves. We were forced to figure out how to protect ourselves from pregnancy and unsafe situations on our own, sometimes resulting in consequences we would not have chosen for ourselves and could have avoided had we known differently.

Things can be different for your daughter.parent-talking-to-teen

  • Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle of shame and secrecy around sexuality that makes it so hard to talk with your girls?
  • Are you in denial that your daughter may be sexually active?
  • Are you assuming she is “smart” enough to avoid getting pregnant?
  • Are you reacting as situations arise or giving guidance before they occur?


Did you know…studies prove that children who receive an inclusive sex education while growing up are more likely to plan ahead to start a family, go to college, earn a higher income, and achieve the goals they’ve set for their lives?latinamoma


Not to mention, she’s going to love you for making sure she got this critical information while she was growing up!


How would you like your daughter’s experience to be different from your own?

Would you like to:

  • Position yourself to be the primary source of information for your daughter about her sexuality, so you can be her go-to person for questions, concerns or a crisis?
  • Make sure your daughter gets the kind of empowering sex education that you wish you had received to help prepare you for the situations that came your way while growing up
    Create an environment in which your children feel safe to bring you ANY problem they have no matter how awful it seems.
  • Have it be easier to have these awkward talks with your daughter and keep her Mother and little girl eating fruits in gardeninterested and engaged in the conversation?
  • Give your daughter the info she needs so she can choose the method of birth control that’s best for her and make conscious choices about when she wants to get pregnant?
  • Rest easier, feeling confident that your daughter will make smart choices regarding her sexuality and sex?
  • Teach your daughter the difference between sex and love and how to be loved and get the attention she needs in healthy ways?
  • Create a stronger bond with your daughter so she will confide in you?


While you may feel like you still have time to impart this info to your daughter, the truth is, she’s absorbing a lot of misinformation every day.

And as she gets older, she’ll get more and more info from her friends and peers and unless you have developed a trusting bond with her, she will likely be less interested in what you have to say.

Do you find yourself doing damage control and reacting to situations as they occur?

If you are concerned that candid discussions about sex and birth control may be seen by your daughter as permission to have sex?


You’ll be relieved to know that research has proven that children who receive sex education from their parents are more likely to delay sexual activity or if they chose to become sexually active, they’re more likely to use protection.


If it’s been hard to find the words to help your daughter understand the changes her body is going through as she matures and to prepare her on how to protect herself when the chance comes her way for her to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to sex, there is a way to get support so you’re not out there on a limb trying to do it on your own.


The good news is, you CAN give your daughter an amazing holistic sex education AND you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.


I’ve been teaching young women about their bodies, their monthly cycles and sexuality since 1995. I’ve worked with young women who had unplanned pregnancies and cervical dysplasia and what I’ve come to realize is that girls need this information while they are growing up. The best person to give this info to them is their mother, because you can be there for her like no one else can.

Providing this sort of education also helps to show to your daughter that you really are there for her no matter what and a deeper trust and connection develops as a result of you sharing openly and without judgment.

Our culture has taught us to be secretive about sex, ashamed to menstruate and to be embarrassed by our sexuality. It’s up to us to create change.


Join a growing community of conscious mothers who want more for their daughters than the status quo!


We’re having an honest conversation about what you can do to help keep your daughter safe as she matures into a young adult. You’ll be able to give her the best shot at creating the life of her dreams.


You can help empower her with awareness and information so she don’t have a baby before she is ready.

Start by watching my FREE video training today!



Robin LaCross, HHP
Fertility Deva
Holistic Sex Ed for Moms & Daughters
Robin LaCross is passionate about guiding young women on how to avoid unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Girls need this essential information while growing up so they can protect themselves and successfully manage their reproductive needs right from the start, without the use of hormones. They should not have to figure this out on their own. After two decades of working with women faced with unintended pregnancies and cervical dysplasia, Robin sees that key pieces of information are missing in our cultural sexual education and moms need support to fill in these gaps.

Robin is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health, creator of the Raising Empowered Daughters Summit and the life-changing course for moms called The 5 Keys to Giving Your Daughter an Empowered Sexual Education. This 6-month online course is designed to help you prepare your daughter to manifest the life of her dreams by empowering her to take charge of her fertility, to love herself, to create healthy relationships so that she can create an amazing life. This course is for moms and contains content that girls can join in on based on their age and menstrual status.