Have you been putting off having “The Talk” with your daughter?


The truth is…if you don’t teach your daughter about birth control way BEFORE she starts having sex you may become one.


If you’re feeling inadequately prepared to teach your daughter about a topic feels embarrassing and hard to talk about I want you to know you’re not alone and there’s help!

Let’s have an honest conversation about what you can do to help keep her be safe as she blossoms into womanhood.

Our culture has taught us to be secretive about sex, ashamed to be menstruating and embarrassed by our sexuality!parent-talking-to-teen

Did you know that all this secrecy puts your daughter at risk for sexual abuse? So while you’re thinking she’s too young and innocent, your daughter may not have the resources to protect herself from someone who would take advantage of her innocence.

  • 1 in 3 (or 4 depending on which study) girls are sexually abused
  • 6 out of 7 girls are abused by someone they (and likely you) know
  • 9 years old is the average age at which sexual abuse occurs (and it occurs much younger too)

Wouldn’t you like to break the cycle of shame and secrecy that makes it so hard to talk with her and actually puts her at risk for terrible things??

And what’s more…

  • If you’re in denial that your teen may be sexually active
  • If you’re assuming she is “smart” enough to avoid getting pregnant
  • If you’d love to help her make a conscious choice about if and when she wants to get pregnant…

I want you to know that research proves that girls and boys who receive an inclusive sex education while growing up are WAY MORE likely to:

  • go to college
  • earn a higher income
  • plan ahead to start a family, and
  • achieve the goals they’ve set for their lives


Not to mention, she’s going to love you for giving her this critical information while she was growing up!


Think how amazing it would be to:

  • Help her get an empowering sex education to prepare her for the situations that will come her way as she’s growing up
  • Create a trusting environment so all your children feel safe to bring ANY problem to you no matter how awful it seems
  • Create a space where it’s easy to talk with her and keep her interested and engaged in the conversation
  • Give her the correct info so she can choose the method of birth control that’s best for her
  • Feel confident that she will make smart choices regarding her sexuality and sex
  • Teach her the difference between sex and love, and how to get the attention she needs in healthy ways
  • Help her understand how to protect herself from STD’s and other sexually related risks
  • Position yourself to be her primary source of information about her sexuality so you can be her go-to person whenever the need arises for questions, concerns or a crisis

WMother and little girl eating fruits in gardenhile you may feel like you still have plenty of time to impart this info to your daughter, she’s actually absorbing a lot of misinformation every single day.

As she gets older, she’ll be getting more and more info from her friends and peers and will be less and less interested in what you have to say…unless you’ve created a solid bond of trust with her. Let’s face it, you’re THE best person to give this info to her because you can be there for her like no one else can.

If you believe in the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Or, if you are concerned that candid discussions about sex and birth control may be seen by your daughter as permission to have sex, then you’ll be relieved and reassured to know that…

Studies prove that girls and boys who receive sex education from their parents are more likely to delay sexual activity. And, when they’re ready to be sexually active, they’re more likely to use protection.

That’s amazing news!

If it’s been hard to find the words to help your daughter understand the changes her body is going through as she matures, to prepare her for how to have safe sex when the chance comes her way, and when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to sex…

Just know there IS a way to get support so you’re not out there on a limb trying to figure it out on your own. You CAN give your daughter an amazing holistic sex education AND you don’t have to figure it out by yourself.

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About Robin

As a holistic health practitioner specializing in women’s reproductive health, Robin LaCross has been teaching young women about their bodies, monthly cycles and sexuality since 1995. She has worked with women who have who had unplanned pregnancies, cervical dysplasia and STDs.

Girls need to protect themselves and successfully manage their reproductive needs right from the start, without the use of hormones. They need accurate information and should not have to figure it all out on their own!

Robin saw that key pieces of information are missing in our cultural sexual education and realized moms needed support to help fill in these important gaps in information.

So, she created the Raising Empowered Daughters Summit: Sowing the Seeds for Healthy Body Image, Sexuality & Relationships. Robin interviewed 25 leading experts in the fields of psychology, parenting, relationships, women’s empowerment, sexual health & education and wise women’s traditions.

Robin also created the life-changing course Demystifying How-To Talk Sex with Your Daughter, a live 6-month virtual program to support you as you raise an empowered daughter.